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JuVaShape technology is non-invasive radio frequency technology that can deliver concentrated thermal energy to tighten loose skin and promote healthy collagen production. JuvaShape is used to reduce wrinkles, improve the appearance of cellulite, contour the body, and resurface the skin. The JuvaShape handpiece sends thermal energy below the surface of the skin, which stimulates the body’s own collagen. The treatment can be performed on all skin and body types.

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Making dry needlying procedure on woman's face in the cosmetology office

The Microneedling device uses super-tiny channels to stimulate the body to produce new collagen and elastin, as well as allows for active ingredients to penetrate exactly to the dermis where they can immediately get to work.

The procedure is unique, in that it puts micro-perforations in the skin and then tricks the skin into believing that it needs to rejuvenate itself. The production of the collagen helps the skin’s elasticity therefore providing a great solution for those who are experience increased laxity, or sagging of their skin, or stretch marks.